To say that Maddy Angus has profoundly influenced the lives of many in this community would be an understatement.  I was blessed to know Maddy through the years as my daughter and her sister have played volleyball together through both club and school.

When you met her, you knew her.  Not by anything she said, it was the way she embraced you with her soul.  She gave all she had and made sure you were taken care of far before she needed to be.  She would help you in any way possible without ever asking for any help in return.

As someone who knew what it was like to be picked on, she ensured that those around her would not have to go through the same experience.  She was overly friendly and compassionate as these weren’t always the principles she received.  She made it a point to give that which she rarely experienced herself.

Like many in this community, Maddy was not immune to being financially challenged.  Yet, she never once asked for a penny from anyone.  She was independent and proactive and wanted to ensure she did it all on her own.  With Maddy, it was earned, it was never given.  She would never tell you how much she struggled.  In her world, all was ok.

I want to first thank Dennis Sullivan for donating his time and efforts on this website.  The purpose of this site was twofold:  first, we wanted people to get to know Madison Catherine Angus and the legacy she left behind.  We wanted the community to become inspired to act in the way Maddy did towards and with others.  Secondly, we wanted to help raise funds in the immediate term to alleviate the financial strains of the cost of the funeral.

We have also decided that since Maddy has impacted so many people in the short 18 years she was with us, that it be very important to continue to give as Maddy did and learn from an Angel that was truly sent to guide us all.  Therefore, we are in the process of making this an annual foundation in which we can raise funds to give in the way Maddy did – Selflessly.  There will be more details to follow on this in the coming months.  However, please know we are working on creating annual fundraisers to honor and help people in the community the way we hope Maddy would continue to.

Please feel free to donate to this site.  Please feel free to also blog and write what you feel you want to in order to honor Maddy’s legacy.  Maddy is truly proof that when we die, we should never seek to be buried in the ground, but in the hearts of men.  Roll Tide, Roll!


Adam Kotowski