My Madison was born on August 2, 1995.  She was the first of the four greatest loves of my life.  She was also my only c-section.  They literally had to go in and take her from me.  The mother-daughter bond I had with my daughter was unbreakable.  The connection is still as strong today, but I just can’t physically touch her.  She could never get close enough to me, whether it was sitting at the kitchen table, going to the movies or walking down the street.  Maddy had to be next to me.  It was a constant battle with her siblings, but somehow she always won.  It is something we all laugh at now.  Somehow that sweet, tiny being always got her way with me.  She knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her or help her accomplish.  Lord knows she had a plan for everything, and 9 out of 10 times, she included me in on it.  I have yet to encounter a child so determined in life on every task she took on.  She truly loved life and the people in it, but especially me.  She told me everyday that she loved me.  We had such long meaningful talks.  How blessed I am to have been loved by a child so much and to be given the gift that she told me every chance she got.  Of course I told her it is so easy and natural for a mother to adore their children.  But when the child adores you their whole life, from their teens into adulthood, it is truly such a gift. That is one of the many treasures that my Maddy has left behind for me.   She is the oldest of my four girls and mothered them alongside with me.  She was so very proud to be the big sister.  She loved her sisters so much, and saw them each as such unique individuals like her.  She also was such an old soul.  She loved to dance with Sheila, laugh with Cat and play Lacrosse with Meg.  They all had their own special bond with her, and I am so proud to have such four incredibly kind, compassionate, interesting children.  Maddy had many passions in life, but the top three were most definitely family, friends and most proudly, The University of Alabama.  Madison only applied to one college because in her heart, there was only one place for Madison to attend.   This love of ‘Bama and football started with her father, and I believe on Saturdays, there was a college football game on every TV in the house.  Then came the the iPhone, and the sports apps began.  Maddy could now follow all games from one location and share the updates with her father and anyone else who would care to be informed.   But it was the SEC who kept drawing her in, and so the research began.  First came the history behind the school and then the passion, and Maddy was hooked on Alabama.  Bear Bryant would have been so proud of her and her knowledge of the school and the game of football.  She wore her university colors proudly. She was to study International Economics, and she was going to make a difference. Madison was not only interested in her country, but also the world.  She was fascinated with how the foreign exchange of product and investments directly affects economic growth.  You see, there was nothing simple about Maddy. Every decision was thought out and with great depth.   She was a classic beauty with an incredible laugh who truly loved life and those in her life.  She was clearly beautiful physically  but that couldn’t come close to her  inner beauty.  This was all tragically taken away from us on Memorial Day May 26, 2014 on her way home from work.   I will miss my beautiful Madison every moment of my life here on earth but I will honor her by truly living.  Looking for the beauty in all until we meet again. Please let her love, beauty and kindness live on by remembering her everyday.  Be kind to one another. Really listen to each other and be a good friend. Remember the kid on the sideline and pick them first.  Share your stories together at lunch and let everyone in.  There is a uniqueness in all of us; go try to discover it like Maddy did.  Most importantly, LAUGH, LOVE and teach your children the same.

A little “ROLLTIDE” ❤️ would also always make her smile.

Wait for me Maddy, I love you more….Mama Bear